The nominations for the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards are out. And the reactions from those deemed worthy are in. "Game of Thrones" has the most chances to win big on Emmy night with a staggering 23 nominations, a major reason that HBO leads the competition with 94 nominations. "The People v. O.J. Simpson" is a close second to "Game of Thrones" with a total of 22 nods, and drama series "Fargo" is in third with 18 noms. Together they helped FX set a record for an ad-supported basic cable network with 56 nominations, up from 38 last year, "Veep" continues to be a large presence at the Emmys with 17 nominations.

And proving that there is truly no limit to Beyoncé's reach, her film "Lemonade" is up for four Emmy awards. Sadly, the new addition to the late-night talk show boys club, Samantha Bee, was snubbed. But other categories were more open, as some were saying, this year it's #EmmysSoDiverse.

Take a detailed look at the nominees by the numbers, read first hand nominee reactions, and see how the internet is celebrating or cursing their favorites.

Emmy nominee Bob Odenkirk on how 'Better Call Saul' changed him and going to Cinnabon

Bob Odenkirk of "Better Call Saul" in a scene with costar Rhea Seehorn. (Ursula Coyote / Sony Pictures Televivsion)
Bob Odenkirk of "Better Call Saul" in a scene with costar Rhea Seehorn. (Ursula Coyote / Sony Pictures Televivsion)

We caught up with "Mr. Show" co-creator Bob Odenkirk after he received his second Emmy nomination for outstanding lead actor in a drama series for his work as Jimmy McGill (a.k.a. Saul Goodman) in "Better Call Saul." This is Odenkirk's second nomination in as many years for the role.

How would you say the role of Saul has changed you?

I take myself so seriously now. I’ve started to interpret Shakespeare -- I hope he doesn’t mind I like to put swear words in there. I have a whole bunch of fans I never had.

But, really, I have the opportunity to play things non-ironically and that’s really neat and it’s a cool thing to be able to look at those roles and imagine those roles and what I can do in that area of performing. I’m learning every day from Michael McKean and Rhea Seehorn and Jonathan Banks. I’m just learning about certain levels of texture and quality. I had a great run in sketch comedy, but I get to glimpse another angle on everything and that’s thrilling. I get a free college education out of this. I can’t do all the numbers on how its changed me yet. It’s still changing me.

How will you celebrate? Please say you’re going to Cinnabon.

If I go eat a Cinnabon, how am I going to play Saul Goodman? I’m going to be a different shape. I can't eat a whole one, but i I‘ll have a chunk of one.

Who is a better actor: Jimmy McGill or Bob Odenkirk?

I hope Bob Odenkirk. I think Jimmy gives things away. He’s pretty damn good, but he gives it away. He’s a little impetuous. He’s naively excited and energized … and hopefully a little clumsier than I am.

How would Jimmy/Saul react if they won an Emmy? Would he rent a decent tux?

He would rent a flashy lime green tux with paisley lapels -- and believe me, there is one out there. They exist in the world. Somebody is wearing those clothes. But he would respond with incredible ego if he won. Inflated ego.

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