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Ellen DeGeneres talks pre-Oscars jitters with Robin Roberts

Just a few more days until the Oscars on Sunday, but host Ellen DeGeneres took time out from her daily show duties and prep for the big show to sit down with Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America" on Thursday morning.

Even though DeGeneres has hosted the Oscars once before, back in 2007, she says that the Academy Awards audience and the audience for her daytime talker, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" are vastly different.

The audience for her daytime show "comes to see me and they travel from ... all over the world to come to a taping," DeGeneres explained. "And they wait for a year for tickets. They're my core group of people that get me, know me and love me. And I feel that. That room is like church."

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And the Academy Awards audience? Her thoughts on Hollywood's A-list were not included in the "GMA" broadcast, but we imagine they were cut because really, does anyone have anything truly nice to say about each other? You're a comedian standing in front of a room of people massively preoccupied with their own moment in the spotlight and the future of their own careers. They probably aren't too concerned with, or charmed by, DeGeneres' penchant for breaking into dance at the drop of a hat.

"I can't expect everybody to love me and like everything I do," DeGeneres told Roberts. "But I just want people to understand me and to get me. And know what my intentions are and my intentions are to make people happy and my intentions are to never hurt anybody and my intentions are to have compassion and to hope I can spread that a little bit every single day."

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Coming just a year after Oscar host Seth MacFarlane got on the same stage and sang, "We Saw Your Boobs," this could be a very different style of Oscar show.


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