Listen: Mary Timony of Helium releases debut single by new band Ex Hex

Were people widely aware that Wild Flag had broken up?

Pop & Hiss didn't know that this sweet little post-punk super group -- with members of Sleater-Kinney and Helium, among other bands -- had called it quits until we read Carrie Brownstein say so in Rolling Stone's new profile of the Sleater-Kinney singer turned "Portlandia" star.

But there you have it: Wild Flag -- done.

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And yet Brownstein isn't the only member who's kept herself busy since the band's quiet demise.

On Tuesday, Mary Timony (who before joining Wild Flag led the great Helium back in the 1990s) released the debut single by her new group, Ex Hex.

Evidently named after Timony's 2005 solo album, the Washington D.C.-based trio includes Betsy Wright and Laura Harris and sounds in "Hot & Cold" like it's adding a touch of glam to Helium's sharp-angled rock.

Listen to the song (in a goofy music video featuring Ian Svenonius of D.C.'s Nation of Ulysses) below.


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