Jenni Rivera, public and private, seen at the Grammy Museum

The museum began reaching out to Rivera's family at the end of last year to broach the idea of an exhibition. Jacqie Marín-Campos, one of Rivera's daughters, said that by supporting the museum's exhibition the family "wanted to not only share the artist that she was but also the person, the mother, the friend."

"This is a very hard thing to deal with," she said. "But we had enough time to be sad and cry about it, and then we picked it up and said, 'What would've mom wanted us to do?' And we really did this to carry on her legacy and to make her proud."

The project was made easier by one of Rivera's signature tendencies: She kept everything. So, in addition to some of her mariachi dresses, her white spangled Dodgers cap and samples of her other stage outfits, the exhibition also will include a number of mementos given by her fans.

"She kept every single piece that her fans gave her, any jewelry, any little note, anything they gave her she kept it, and she wrote on it, because it was important to her," her daughter said.

The exhibition includes two other objects that testify to Rivera's dual persona as the stage goddess and the practical businesswoman. "We have her Victoria's Secret credit card and then a Costco membership," Jaharis said.

And if some of these items strike viewers as startlingly intimate, her daughter said, that fits La Gran Señora too.

"When people ask me, 'Tell me one thing that no one knows about your mother,' it's so hard," Marín-Campos said. "It wasn't like she was an artist onstage and then offstage she was something completely different. What you saw is what she was."


'Jenni Rivera, La Gran Señora'

Where: Grammy Museum at L.A. Live

When: Sunday through May 2014

Tickets: $12.95