Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom: Which one is dating already?

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr appear to have been in different places in the wake of their split last October — or maybe it's simply that the former was interviewed by a newspaper, while the latter sat down for a chat with a men's magazine and then posed in the nude for the accompanying photo spread.

Bloom, 37, told the Mirror's Sunday People edition that nearly six months post-split he's still not dating, choosing instead to spend time caring for son Flynn. (The couple share custody of the 3-year-old.) 

"After a period of feeling a little rudderless, I feel like I've set a course again," he said. "I feel very much like I'm at the beginning of something, like I'm going to come into my own as an actor."

He also said he was grateful to have had an "amicable separation" from his wife of three years and blamed no third party for their split.

"We'd done our best," said Bloom. "It was time to say, 'Let's give this some breathing space.' "

Meanwhile, Kerr was letting it all hang out over at British GQ, which gets NSFW if you scroll down at all on the landing page. Her interview is in the May edition of the magazine.

The 30-year-old told the mag that she's dating around and "loving it."

"Two happy parents are better than two unhappy parents," Kerr said in a nod to her split. "This is my time to explore and have some fun. I'm not looking to fall in love again quickly.… I still get chatted up a lot."

The supermodel also revealed a downside of getting divorced from someone she always had chemistry with: She's having less sex now, which means her arms and abs are less toned. Tragic.

But not sad enough to lure her into any blind dates — she says she doesn't do those, nor does she Google anyone before going out with him.

Or, perhaps, before going out with her? "Never say 'never,' " she said after noting she'd like to "explore."

"I appreciate both men and women. I love the female body and truly appreciate the female form," Kerr said. However, she added, "I definitely need a man in the bedroom, however — a nice strong chest to lie on."

So it doesn't really sound as if this model will be going all Cara Delevingne on us any time soon.


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