HBO's post-Emmy party

Marcia Gay Harden, left, Jeff Daniels, Jane Fonda and Daniels' best actor Emmy Award attend HBO's post party at the Pacific Design Center. (Michael Buckner / Getty Images / September 22, 2013)

Cannavale looked around and frowned.

"I had it on the table earlier," he said. "The kid was like, 'Do you wanna check it?' and I just said, 'Nah, I'll just leave it here.'"

"I would say keep your eye on it," Merchant said. "I heard someone say their award had been stolen, not tonight but in the past."

"How am I going to take it on the plane tomorrow? That's the question," Cannavale said, adding that winning the Emmy was completely surreal.

"It was all in slo-mo," he said as Byrne nodded in agreement beside him. The win was also completely unexpected.

"I always expect it," Merchant chimed in with a sly smile. "I wasn't even in the ceremony and I thought I was gonna win an award. They should give me an award just for my contribution to TV."


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