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Seth Meyers explains why Fox News seems to prefer ‘an alternate reality where Hillary Clinton is president’

Seth Meyers is not exactly Donald Trump's biggest fan, but on Thursday night’s episode of “Late Night” the host shared how even members of the political right seem to prefer a world where Hillary Clinton is president. 

“The Trump administration seems permanently inundated by scandal and constantly under siege, including from senior members of Trump’s own party,” said Meyers. “Which might explain why many on the right seem to want to live in an alternate reality where Trump actually isn’t president” 

Meyers pointed out that despite Republicans' decrying him as “a threat to democracy and national security,” Trump kept his focus this week on touting his superior intelligence and memory and the unbelievably good things others have said about him. 

“Now to be fair, you might also have an inflated ego if there was a whole TV channel dedicated to showering you with praise,” said Meyers, who seemed disgusted with Fox News’ coverage of the president.

In fact, the only thing Fox News hosts seem to like to do more than interview Trump is revisit “debunked and overblown stories” regarding Hillary Clinton, he said.

Meyers then blasted Fox News for trying to claim that the “real” Russia scandal is how the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund the research that led to the infamous "Russia dossier.” 

After reminding viewers that the research was initially funded by a Republican client during the primary, Meyers gleefully slammed Sean Hannity, who has been an especially vocal proponent of this “real” scandal narrative. 

For Meyers, it's perfectly clear why Fox News hosts can’t stop focusing on Clinton. 

“Fox News would much rather talk about Hillary than Donald Trump … because the right, in the Trump era, doesn’t have coherent principles or an ideology,” Meyers said. “It just has enemies, which is why they prefer to inhabit an alternate reality where Hillary Clinton is president.”

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