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Seth Meyers criticizes Hillary Clinton for blaming her loss on Bernie Sanders


Late-night hosts have not wanted for material since Donald Trump became president. Seth Meyers, whose "Closer Look" segments regularly offer some of the most pointed critiques of his administration, aimed at a new target Wednesday: Trump's former rival.

Reacting to recently released excerpts from Clinton's upcoming book, "What Happened," Meyers criticized the Democratic presidential candidate for partly blaming Bernie Sanders for her loss.

"Don't blame Bernie because Donald Trump called you names," Meyers said, referencing a passage in the book. "It's not like Trump wasn't going to do that anyway."

Initially, Meyers needled all sides, but Clinton remained his focus. "Bernie isn't the reason you lost," Meyers went on, addressing Clinton directly, "You beat Trump by 3 million votes. If you want to blame something ancient, blame the electoral college."

Meyers then recounted the Clinton campaign's series of poor decisions, a list of details followed by a plea for unity that probably didn't help her supporters sleep any easier last night.

Bear in mind there's a few rude words in the segment — reserved for the president. You can watch it here.

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