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Samantha Bee says Trump and Fox News are taking us backward with NFL criticisms

 (Ali Goldstein / TBS)
(Ali Goldstein / TBS)

Samantha Bee blasted Donald Trump for what she considers his lack of response to the crisis in Puerto Rico, claiming the president instead has been busy “stoking a culture war” over the NFL. 

On Wednesday’s episode of “Full Frontal,” Bee took aim at Trump’s continued focus on NFL players who have been peacefully protesting racism and police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem at football games. 

“Last week on ‘Sport Roundup’ we were trying to figure out if the president is a white nationalist,” Bee said. “Which he clarified this week when he demanded that black people be fired for insufficient nationalism.” 

Trump, of course, has equated the conversation about the NFL protests to respecting the flag itself, arguing that kneeling disrespects soldiers and first responders. 

But “if anyone knows about treating soldiers and first responders with respect, it’s the guy that decided to fire transgender troops and deport paramedics who happen to be ‘Dreamers,’” Bee countered. 

While Bee wants to believe Americans are smart enough to realize Trump is trying to distract from what the NFL protests are actually about, Fox News hosts and various conservative pundits have also been criticizing the players. 

The segment included clips of these personalities commenting on how NFL players should feel grateful that they live in a country that pays them millions to play a game.

After pointing out that the NFL’s “hallowed tradition” of standing up during the national anthem dates back only to 2009, Bee slammed Fox News hosts for their own hypocrisy, branding them “multimillionaires who feel oppressed.” 

“What a conversation we’re having,” Bee said. “Talking about black people and their owners and how they should be grateful for the privilege of working on a field. Who says Trump is taking us backward?”

Watch the full segment (which includes adult language) here.

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