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Watch the 'Game of Thrones' cast and crew break down some of Season 7's best scenes

"Game of Thrones" Season 7 may have concluded Sunday, but there is still plenty left for fans to unpack before "Thrones"-withdrawal sets in. 

Along with all the burning questions left in the wake of the season finale, HBO has left us with some behind-the-scenes videos from this season's most epic moments. 

The production magic of "Game of Thrones" is undeniable and it extends to beyond special effects dragons. From Arya donning Walder Frey's face to dole out her brand of vengeance to Daenerys walking into Dragonstone for the first time, there is plenty to explore from just the first episode alone. 

The video above dives deep into what it took to craft the Season 7 premiere, including how Cersei's fancy new giant map came to be. 

Of course, plenty of fans are probably still contemplating the latest episode and what Jon and Dany's new level of intimacy means going into the final season. Can this be how the actual prince that was promised is conceived?

And if you were a bit squicked out by the pair's developing relationship, you're not alone. Unlike Jon and Daenerys, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington are definitely aware that they are both Targaryens. 

"For us as actors it's just weird," said Clarke in a video about the coupling. "The reality of what they are to each other." 

In fact, the actors had more facial expressions and sound effects to convey their feelings about this union than words. Watch in the video below.

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