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Attorney Lisa Bloom on Harvey Weinstein: 'I think he has changed'

Lisa Bloom, attorney to the stars — and the star-adjacent —appeared on "Good Morning America" on Friday to explain what moved her to sign on to represent Harvey Weinstein in the face of sexual harassment allegations.

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Bloom was candid that Weinstein's past behavior was unacceptable and said she had agreed to help the producer because she saw it as an opportunity to be on "the other side" of a sexual misconduct case.

“I’ve done a lot of cases for women and I’ve often thought, ‘Gee, I wish I could get on the other side and smack that guy around a little bit verbally,’” Bloom said. "Here was an opportunity of a guy saying, ‘Lisa, what should I do? I have behaved badly.’ I’m like, ‘Good. I’m going to tell you what to do. Be honest. Be real.’”

Bloom was frank about the Miramax co-founder: “What Harvey Weinstein has done is wrong,” she said. “He has caused pain. He’s said that.”

The lawyer also was firm in her belief that Weinstein can improve. 

“I think he has changed in the year I’ve known him,” she said.

But at the same time, Bloom pushed back a bit, including against the classification of Weinstein’s actions as sexual harassment.

“You’re using the words 'sexual harassment,' which is a legal term. I’m using the term 'workplace misconduct.' I don’t know if there’s a real significant difference to most people, but sexual harassment is severe and pervasive,” Bloom said.

Stephanopoulos countered by pointing out the specifics of some of the Weinstein allegations: “'If you have sex with me, you’re going to do better in your career.' That is sexual harassment,” he said. 

Shortly after explaining that "Harvey has authorized me to be very forthright because he is ashamed of his behavior," Bloom told Stephanopoulos  some of what she's teaching Weinstein in response to his request that she "tutor" him. 

The lessons, she said, have included: The way you conduct private conversations with friends is not appropriate in the workplace; cursing and sexual stories are not appropriate in the workplace; hitting on women is not appropriate in the workplace.

Upon hearing the attorney's tips, Stephanopoulos responded, “Shouldn't a 65-year-old man know that?"

“Of course he should,” Bloom said.

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