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Letters to Calendar: Faint praise of two TV shows, and forgiving Cuba Gooding Jr.

Critic's faint praise is unkindest cut of all

Networks that serve up shows shamelessly pitching undiluted sex and/or violence should beware the journalistic wrath of Mary McNamara. In her deft, devastating deconstructions of "Game of Silence" [April 12] and "The Girlfriend Experience" [April 9], McNamara still tries to say something positive about such dramatic drivel.

For "Silence," it's how "liberating" some viewers may find incredulously contrived violence that "dispenses with the depth" of most TV dramas.

For "Girlfriend" it's how ably Riley Keough portrays an intriguing emotional journey in spite of a fanciful "sexed-up" plot. McNamara's ultra-faint praise nicely seals these shows' damnation.

Gary Dolgin

Santa Monica

Give the O.J. actor a break

In response to the four letter writers who castigated actor Cuba Gooding Jr. "Reaction to O.J. Simpson Verdict," [April 17]: While I do not excuse Gooding's remark about O.J., I did hear him go on to say that he felt for both families — the Browns and the Goldmans.

David Tulanian

Los Angeles

Raunchy TV show's fans

In the letters section Ken Grow asked if the people who enjoy the TBS show "The Detour" [April 17] "are the same ones who complain about the coarseness of Donald Trump?"

I am almost certain that the people who like this fare are the people who like Donald Trump. Both are so similar, it is bound to be. It is a match made in heaven.

Eileen O'Neill

West Hills

Keystone and global warming

Regarding the review of "Trespassing Across America" [April 17] on the 1,700-mile route of the Keystone XL pipeline . The Keystone pipeline is an example of the problems we get into when we try to control fossil fuel use for climate change reasons. A carbon fee and dividend approach solves the real problem, which is producing too much carbon dioxide pollution.

James A. Martin,

Sc. D.

Huntington Beach


Among climate scientists the verdict is virtually unanimous. But all it takes to deny the existence of human caused climate change is a belief that Rush Limbaugh's hunches have the same validity as over a century of painstaking work from our best trained experts.

Rising seas, melting ice sheets, increased frequency of extremes will continue to grow, whether one is a fool or a scientist, whether the Kochs and Limbaughs declare victory or not. Some prefer the suicidal joy ride of denial. Please vote smart.

Jan Freed

Los Angeles


I wish there were more like Ken Ilgunas willing to talk about climate change, but I wish he'd approached a different audience. Climate change can't compete with a person's job, and those dismissive of climate science are as firm in their belief as Ken is in his science. He should have reached out to the American majority who know climate change is happening and that we should do something.

The missing link is that they need to know what to do. Seeing no solution becomes one more reason to ignore the problem. The good news is there is a market solution — fee and dividend legislation.

Mark Tabbert

Newport Beach

Neil Young isn't served by photo

Regarding "Rock 'N' Roll at Full Volume" [April 16]. That's the best picture The Times had of Neil Young? Terrible photo. Doesn't even look like him. I have better photos on my iPhone from his last shows at the Forum and the Hollywood Bowl.

Steve Sobel

Studio City

HBO biased in topic choices?

Regarding "'A Powerful Testimony: Confirmation,' like Hill, stuns" [April 16]. I suspected that sooner or later HBO would come out with a movie about Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. The temptation was too big to ignore.

However, I'm still waiting for HBO to have the courage to film "The Chappaquiddick Incident," the real story. I know that will be a blockbuster.

Raul De Cardenas

Los Angeles

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