Halle Berry

Halle Berry (Getty Images)

HOLLYWOOD (KTLA) -- A man who is charged with stalking Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry at her Hollywood Hills home entered a not guilty plea Monday.

Richard Anthony Franco, 27, was charged with burglarizing her home in July. If convicted, he faces up to three years in jail.

Berry was not present for the proceedings.

Franco has also pleaded not guilty to a separate charge of felony stalking.

Berry obtained a temporary restraining order against Franco, who was already on probation for misdemeanor burglary when he was caught on her property.

Franco was arrested on July 10 after he was spotted on Berry's property on several occasions over a three day period.

Surveillance cameras captured Franco, who pretended to be looking for someone when he was approached by her guards and then scaled a back wall to escape.

He then returned the next day at roughly the same time.

This time, Berry saw him from her kitchen window. He was reportedly carrying a book in his hand. Investigators aren't sure if he was seeking an autograph or was trying to snap a picture of Berry.

When Franco returned for the third time, authorities were ready for him.

Berry detailed the incidents in civil court papers.

"This person has invaded and trampled upon the most fundamental sense of security I have … I am extremely frightened," Berry said in the papers. "He has terrorized me and my family."

Berry says on the night she caught him she had stepped into her kitchen for a drink when "all of a sudden I sensed someone behind me and turned to see the same intruder standing less than a foot behind me, staring at me through the glass kitchen door."

"Panicking and in fear of my life, I turned my body and quickly hit the deadbolt lock on the glass door," she said in the papers. "I grabbed my phone and ran as fast as I could upstairs, slamming each door behind me as I ran. I got upstairs to a safe place, locked myself inside and dialed 911."

Franco was ordered to return to court for a pre-trial hearing November 28.

The trial is scheduled to begin December 20.