GLENDALE, Calif. -- "CSI: Miami" and "All My Children" actress Eva La Rue has been ordered to dismantle a wooden gate she illegally constructed outside her North Glendale home.

On Tuesday night, Glendale city council decided the gate must come down.

La Rue built the gate in 2007 without permits in front of her North Glendale home. She says the gate was constructed to protect her and her daughter from a stalker.

After the gate was cited by code enforcement officers for being too close to the public right-of-way, La Rue was granted a variance.

But, neighbors and homeowners' groups argued the variance was an unfair exemption for blatantly illegal construction. The variance was ultimately overturned and La Rue hired an attorney to appeal the decision and push the issue to the City Council, where it became the center of a heated debate.

City council voted 4-1 to uphold the Planning Commission's denial of a zoning exception.

Last month, La Rue pleaded with the Glendale City Council to keep the gate. "I am asking please, please to keep my gate. I'm a single mom. I know that this gate can't really protect me from somebody that wants to do me and my 8-year-old harm, but at least it is some sort of barrier."

It appears La Rue has moved out of the home and has been staying at an unknown location.

It was not immediately known if she would appeal the decision.