Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen (Getty Images)

ASPEN, Colo. -- Actor Charlie Sheen has pleaded guilty in a Colorado domestic abuse case involving his wife in exchange for the withdrawal of two other charges, including a felony.

The "Two and a Half Men" actor entered the plea to a misdemeanor assault charge Monday in court in Aspen, the scene of a Christmas Day argument with his wife that ended in his arrest.

Sheen was sentenced to 30 days in a California rehabiliatation center, 30 days of probation and 36 hours of anger management.

A disagreement over the terms of Sheen's work release proposal held up the apparent plea deal in June.

Attorney Yale Galanter said that the final paperwork submitted to a judge would have placed the "Two and a Half Men" star under more stringent rules while on work release, such as not being able to smoke or order meals not prepared by the jail.

The smoking restrictions were a small part of the disagreement, according to Galanter, who added that Sheen had been approved to wear nicotine patches while in custody.

As part of the previous plea deal, Sheen agreed to work at a Colorado theatre company during his 30 day jail sentence. He would also serve three months probation.

Prosecutors would drop criminal mischief and felony menacing charges as part of the deal, which requires a judge's approval.

The 44-year-old actor was arrested Christmas Day on suspicion he pinned his wife to a bed and held a knife to her throat while they were on vacation in Aspen, Colorado.

He was charged in February with felony menacing, misdemeanor third-degree assault and misdemeanor criminal mischief. He and Mueller both entered substance abuse rehab programs later that month.

The couple married in 2008. Their twin sons, Max and Bob, celebrated their first birthday in March.