Interested in meeting a companion? Or maybe a long-term mate?

There are three good ways to do that:

  • Be involved in group activities where you see the same people on a regular basis. Activities such as wine appreciation classes or gym activities. Seeing the same people again and again can increase their "likability."

  • Try blind dates. They do work.

  • Go to an online dating site
"More people feel comfortable enrolling on these sites today, and they are very successful," says Terri Orbuch, a therapist, university researcher and author of the new book, "Five Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great" (Random House).

Robert Bowers will testify to that.

He became a widower in 2006. And he soon discovered living alone in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., was not his style. But where to meet a woman?

"I had been married to one woman for 47 years, so I didn't feel I needed to know any women," he says.

One day, surfing the Internet, he found, a site devoted to seniors "getting together." He signed up and "Wow! I got so many hits I didn't know where to start! I had a hard time remembering what I said to each one of them."

Bowers, now 75, dated eight or nine of his "hits" until he met Jean, 71, divorced after 46 years of marriage.

"Bob's e-mails were entertaining, witty and humorous and they intrigued me," she says. "I knew he was smart and engaging, seemed romantic and caring as well."

They met for dinner at a restaurant on the lake in Mission Viejo, Calif.

He put a rose on the table.

They were married a year later.

Orbuch is a consultant to, a Web site she praises for separating the ages and creating an "express dating service" for the 50-plus crowd.