Scare up homemade tricks and treats
5. Drape black fabric over the "body" of the gourd to fashion a witch's robe.

6. Glue the fabric pieces together, and glue a purple button where the ends meet.

Dangling ghostly ghouls

Dried gourds
White spray paint
Twine or wire to hang
Black paint

1. Clean gourds with a soapy solution to remove dirt. We scrubbed them with a medium-bristled brush. After cleaning, let stand until fully dry.

2. Drill holes along the top of the gourd so you'll be able to thread twine or wire through for hanging.

3. We had better results spraying the gourds while they were hanging rather than lying on the ground. Use a white spray paint or primer to paint the entire gourd white. It took several coats and two cans of spray paint to get good coverage on five medium-sized gourds.

4. Let the white paint dry.

5. Use black paint pens or paint on the eyes and mouth of the ghost.

6. Hang ghostly ghouls from your front porch.

Shocked pumpkin totem

Googly eyes
Dowel rod
Three pumpkins, various sizes
Black fabric
Hot glue gun, glue sticks