Scare up homemade tricks and treats
Black felt
1/2 yard black ribbon
White, stretchy sweatband ($1, Jo-Anne Fabric and Craft store).

1. For the body: Drape sheet over child and find the spot to cut a slit for the head opening. Trim the excess fabric at the bottom, so the child will not trip while walking. Fold tulle in half and cut a slit at the center, large enough to fit your child's head through. Pull over child's head, on top of the sheet.

2. For the hat: Cut out four triangular-shape quarters, with rounded edges. Sew or glue the four quarters together, start with two of the triangles. Lay the two triangles exactly on top of the fabric with the "right sides" of the fabric, the sides intended to face outward, together on the inside. Stitch or glue from the point of the triangle down to the edge on one side of the triangle only. Open the two stitched triangles and lay a third triangle on top of the two stitched pieces, again right sides together; stitch on the third piece from the tip of the triangle down to the edge.

3.Open up the fabric to lay down the fourth triangle and stitch it into place, right sides together. You will now have a solid piece of batting that is starting to curl and will no longer lie flat. Fold this entire piece so that the two remaining edges are on top of each other. Rather than adding a band and finishing the ends, we tucked the ends into a white sweatband.

4. Mask: Our ghost is a wearing a store-bought felt mask from Target ($1) that we doctored by cutting out the purple felt backing that showed and making the eyeholes larger.

Note: Adapted from

Outdoor decor:

Pumpkin pot-belly witch

Green gourd
Black fabric
Purple button
Gray yarn
Hot glue gun; glue sticks
Googly eyes

1. Cut pieces of yarn to desired length for witch's hair.

2. Hot glue the hair to the top of the gourd.

3. Hot glue googly eyes to top portion of the gourd, which will be the face.

4. Fashion a black hat out of fabric and glue on its head.