Scare up homemade tricks and treats
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Costumes: Witchy witch

Black electrical tape
Skein of gray yarn
2 yards of black fabric, depending on the size of your child
1/8 yard green fabric
Glue gun, hot glue sticks
Black and green thread
Child-size witch's hat ($1 at Target)
Witch's broom ($9.99, Jo-Ann Fabric )
Green-and-black striped socks ($2.56, on sale, Jo-Ann Fabric and craft stores)

1. For the hair: Cut a slew of 20-inch strands of yarn. Cut a strip of electrical tape and press a bunch of the yarn strands onto it. Tape another strip of electrical tape over it to secure the hair in place. You can do this in small sections and tape the yarn bunches to the rim of the hat. But we opted to make one long strip of yarn hair, and sew a piece of elastic connecting the two ends for a wig that would sit under the hat. Make sure to leave a section free of yarn for the front of the child's face.

2. For the robe: Fold the fabric in half so the short ends meet, then cut an approximately 7-inch hole for her head. Have your child slip on the robe; then cut a fringy edge on the bottom. We sewed along the sides to create a body and sleeves. You can belt the robe with a black ribbon, but we found green fabric to fashion into a basic belt. We used a safety pin to hold the belt together and glued a black button over the spot where the pin would show.

3. For the spooky accessories: Our witch is wearing striped socks and a stuffed snake necklace.

Spooky ghost

Old white sheet
Fabric glue
2 yards white tulle
1/4 yard batting