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Dunkin' Donuts coffee shops to sell flaky croissant-donut crossover

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Shops To Sell Flaky Croissant-Donut Crossover

Dunkin' Donuts will begin selling a combination croissant-donut early next month, an official said on Monday, as the coffee shop chain follows a popular pastry hybrid that has drawn hordes to a New York bakery.

Celebrating Easter

What's your favorite Easter celebration?

  • Easter Mass
  • Dyeing eggs
  • Visiting the Easter Bunny at the mall
  • Easter egg hunts
  • Eating Easter candy
  • Having Easter dinner
Passover quiz: How much do you know?

Passover quiz: How much do you know?

A look at the history and lore behind Passover. Test your knowledge and learn about a storied tradition.

Easter & Passover Treats and Eats

Versatile <i>haroset</i> isn't just for Passover

Versatile haroset isn't just for Passover

Haroset, a blend of fruit, nuts and wine, is probably the most popular food of the eight-day holiday of Passover, which begins on...

Make your eggs, and eat them too

Eggs-tra special cookies

Millions of kids will dunk many more millions of hard-cooked eggs in dye this Easter season (the venerable Paas sells more than 10 million...

Cooking hard-boiled eggs, the right way

Cooking hard-boiled eggs, the right way

Every year around this time millions of eggs are hard-boiled, artistically decorated and then thrown into the garbage. Frankly, that's...

Ham or lamb for Easter?

Ham or lamb for Easter?

While ham is popular, the two invoke a zealous debate. We offer great recipes for both.

The California Cook: Stuffed leg of lamb &#8212; it's worth the effort

Stuffed leg of lamb

A bold stuffing of bitter greens, salty feta and a sauce spiked with green olives makes this Easter dish worth the effort.

Chocolate meringues

Chocolate meringue cookies

Luxurious-looking cookies are perfect for spring and a must for Easter.

Tender is the brisket

Tender is the brisket

Meat so tender you could almost eat it with a spoon is one of the hallmarks of a good beef brisket -- and star of many a holiday or family...

Passover: Pleasures of ritual cooking

17 Passover recipes

Experience and enjoy the pleasures of ritual cooking.

Celebrate Easter with a spring-fresh menu

Celebrate Easter with a spring-fresh menu

Easter celebrates renewal so consider a menu that symbolizes the same and showcases the freshest ingredients.