Simsbury Native Writes About His Friendship With Lady Gaga

Sullivan: "I won't."

When asked if she ever went through with it, he shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. "No comment," he said, adding that he doubted it.

Winter Music Conference

Their friendship became a professional relationship for a while, too, and Sullivan traveled around with Gaga briefly as her DJ, including at a Winter Music Conference in Miami in 2008 that marked a turning point in Gaga's career.

That segment in the book is a hilarious breakdown of the types of people who show up to such conventions, how they feel about each other and how they go about their own business.

After working with her on her debut music video, "Just Dance," in which he has a small role, Sullivan found that Gaga's quickly accelerating career left no room for him, nor for her supportive parents in their previous business role.

Sullivan sees Lady Gaga infrequently these days.

"I see her now but it's not the way it was. I bump into her. ... There's no more coffee dates or sitting on the floor of her apartment," he said. "She doesn't have a minute to herself."

Sullivan says he doesn't mind. "I made it very clear to her when we started, 'I'll help you do anything you want and I'll be there for you and I want you to not need me'," he said.

He said her booming fame doesn't change how he feels about her. "When I think of Lady Gaga, I don't think of the meat dress or the wigs or the outfits," he said. "I think about how I was really heartbroken and going through a bad breakup when I was 24 and she was the only one to call and check on me."