Laree Salmon, Hartford


How would you describe your personal style?

I dress the way I feel and for where I'm going, overall the common denominator is sophisticated. I call it the different chics -- city chic to Brooklyn chic, I love to play with different colors and patterns to create something new and different.

How do you find these vintage pieces?

I find them everywhere, from the lowest of thrift to high designers that are inspired vintage. I love detail, that's the one thing that vintage offers, it's art.

What is one spot that offers great vintage pieces?

Vintage Chic! I'm a little biased.

What are your tips for people mixing vintage pieces with modern?

I like to say that everything can't talk at the same time. Simple is the best form of sophistication. Doesn't mean keep your whole outfit simple, but sometimes vintage pieces offer so much that most of the time they're great stand-alone pieces to wear with your denim.

But if it's you, definitely mixing prints and patterns is always great so whether you get it with vintage or modern, it's whatever works for you. The model for my business is the stylist perspective, it's not what you wear but how you wear it and how you work it. Everyone's perspective is different.

What is your favorite piece you own?

I like to call them old faithfuls, something that I find myself wearing in winter is sweater pieces — sweater dresses, sweater skirts, comfortable knits.


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