Bartender Buddha: Kristy Yensen, Martini Master


This location has been home to three previous bars over the last five years. What are the new owners doing differently?

The owners... are targeting people who work downtown. Our lunches are more timely and affordable. We cater to people who need to be in and out. We also serve large portions, and every lunch item is under $10. We have more going on, too: Wednesday is open-mic night. We also have live music Wednesday through Saturday. And Friday we do free happy hour buffet appetizers.

If someone is unsure of what drink to order, what do you suggest?

Most of the time I will make one of my own martinis, which aren't on the menu, if they are in the mood for a martini. S'mores are my specialty. I use the whipped (cream) vodka and Godiva chocolate liqueur. And, yes, guys do like them.

Are there cocktail trends you hate?

Yeah, I don't care for the cereal-flavored shots. These are very popular with with younger women who want to keep up with the guys doing shots. There is nothing worse than a girl coming up and asking for a Cocoa Puffs shot. They don't even taste good.

Have you ever received anything other than cash as a tip?

Instead of a tip I received a pen and a phone number. He wanted to take me out. He came in three days in a row and didn't tip me. Geez... I wonder who would have paid if we went out?


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