"Cool Story, Bro": 10 observations from SXSW

Just hanging with some locals. (Mike Rich)

  • Don't freak out. Before you go to SXSW, you will freak out and try to RSVP to everything. You will attend maybe 1/64th of the things you RSVP for. Know this ahead of time.


  • Chicago rap ain't doing too bad, folks. We were at the FakeShoreDrive x Red Bull showcase down there and I saw damn near every major name in Chicago's rap scene in front of and behind the scenes out there showing love. Everyone was happy,  and celebrating together. It's my sincere hope that some of the love shown down there came home with everyone.


  • This Illmore is one of the best parties I've ever attended.


Drinks, cool people, smoking hot women and a ton of surprise guests made it a must-attend for me next year. .

It changed my life and made me want to throw one here in Chicago.

In summary, SXSW is an awesome time. I'd recommend going once, especially if you're the type of person who likes being up on new stuff and seeing a bunch of random stuff like the dude from Dashboard Confessional at a random bar at 12:45 am on a Wednesday.

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