'CROSSTALK' and 'Posters' Exhibits on Display at UConn Contemporary Art Galleries

Two new exhibitions are slated to open at UConn's Contemporary Art Galleries. Bruce Pavlow's Posters works in the language of pop culture phenomena and branded imaging. His posters, ornamented with stickers and détourned photos, evoke tweenage dreams, messy rooms, and nascent desires. CROSSTALK brings together the work of four video artists who tackle the theme of music as fine art (or vice versa). Jesper Jut takes on masculinity in Hollywood, Janet Biggs films intentional and unintentional choreography, Clinton Watkins works with minimal visual forms, and the Complaints Choir of Tokyo (pictured), a Finnish couple, stages mass airings of grievances.

Crosstalk: Music as Content in Contemporary Art

Posters by Bruce Pavlow

through Dec. 14, UConn's Contemporary Art Galleries, 830 Bolton Road, Storrs, uconn.edu.