Ryan Dolan, USA vs. Germany at Damon's Tavern

In a sea of USA soccer jerseys inside Damon's Tavern in Hartford for the USA vs. Germany World Cup match, the lobster hat on Ryan Dolan, 27, of Willimantic, stood above the rest--literally. So we asked him, why are you dressed like a lobster super hero and what does it have to do with soccer? CTNow: What in the world are you wearing and why? R: I'm wearing an American flag symbolizing our country and all its virtues and there's a lobster on top of my hat. In the Northeast it's one of the great pieces of Americana we have, lobsters-a-plenty. CTNow: Why did you choose to wear this to come watch the World Cup? R: It definitely shows personality and I'm all about that. It's all about showing we're all different but here united for one cause. CTNow: What's the laundry situation with so many games in the World Cup? R: Well, when it comes to the flag, these colors don't run. When it comes to the hat, it's a seasonal thing. I don't really have a sense of smell so it doesn't bother me all that much. CTNow: Can you talk to me a little about people dressing up for the World Cup? R: The whole idea behind our country and what it means to be American is that you can dress like a minute man, Teddy Roosevelt, a cowboy--then we all come together.
Sara Grant / CTNow
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