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Zack Torcello Of The Local Grill In Avon

Q: What booze is the best value? A: Here, our wines are by the bottle. Nothing is over $30. If you go down the road, the same bottles are over $30. Everything is available by the glass as well. We probably go through more wine than anything else. Q: How did you learn to make specific drinks? A: A lot of research and development over the years; the advent of YouTube and learning from fellow mixologists. I do a lot of tweaking and taste testing: That's the fun of it. It's like cooking. If you think something tastes too citrusy then you scale back on that flavor. Q: What's the worst bartending job you've had? A: I worked briefly at a popular establishment by the water that at that time came under new owners and a new name. The owner just did not grasp what was already there. He didn't make smart decisions. He'd want to close at 11:30 when we had a full bar. Opened wine bottles sat there for weeks. Q: What kind of infusions are you making? A: I'm making my own limoncello, which takes about seven to 10 days. I'm doing an espresso-infused vodka. I'm preparing this at home because I have an espresso machine. I'm also making a winter sangria. It has pears, apples, blood oranges and sparkling red wine. The Local Grill is at 152 Simsbury Road, Building No. 9, Avon. Hours are daily 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Information: 860-404-5810 and
Melissa Byron / Special To CTNow
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