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Rob Bergenty Of Zingarella In Southington

Q: What cocktails are you making for winter? A: I actually came up with some winter martini's that are on our menu. Since our espresso martini is our best seller, I wanted to play off of it and add caramel vodka. I also salt the rim and drizzle the glass with caramel, it called a salted caramel martini. There is also the sugar cookie martini which tastes just like a sugar cookie. Who doesn't love cookies in the winter? Q: How does weather affect business? A: I remember our busiest day was the day after a major storm last winter, when we got almost three feet. People were cooped up and could barely get out of their driveway yet they showed up here. We were packed, and nobody saw it coming. Q: What behavior gets someone kicked out of your bar? A: It really doesn't happen a lot at Zingarella. If a customer is uncomfortable and feels like they are being bothered then we have to kick out the other person. I had to ask a woman to leave once because she would not stop tickling the man next to her. I could tell she was not going to stop. His wife was sitting next to him and was very annoyed. I called her a cab and sent her on her way. In the bar business you see things you normally wouldn't see. Q: What's the best drink you've had recently? A: I'm a beer guy. I love Sam Adams Rebel IPA. Right now, it's only on draught.
Melissa Byron / Special To CTNow
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