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Meet The Girls Of GLO

Behind the bar at GLO at the Pool, we found (from left) Jaunetta Hill, 24; Christie Carrignan, 31; and Tania Azevedo, 26. With experience ranging from six months to to six years, they all agreed bar tending at Mohegan Sun's outdoor party is an experience unlike any other. Q: What is it like bar tending here at GLO? Christie: It's great to be outside on a summer night! Jaunetta: Yea, you get the fresh air and the live music. It's just awesome. Q: What's the coolest part about bar tending a nighttime event like this? Tania: ... The atmosphere, the customers and the DJs... Christie: You get a couple of people who jump in the pool, so that's fun. Jaunetta: Some of the DJs have a really big following and they bring a really good vibe. I love it when we have those people who come in and bring that warmth to the atmosphere. Q: What is your favorite cocktail to make and why? Tania: I'm simple. Captain and ginger ale. That's it. Christie: Girls usually ask me to make them something fruity, and I just go with it. I make something different every time. Jaunetta: That's the most fun, when someone let's you just go crazy with your imagination. Q: What's the weirdest thing you've been asked? Christie: Where do I start? I get asked "when are you breaking up with your boyfriend?" "When are you going to marry me?" Tania and Jaunetta: Yup. GLO At The Pool is on the third floor of the Mohegan Sun Hotel every Thursday and Saturday through Aug. 30. Thursday parties run 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. ($10); Saturday parties from 10 to 2 a.m. ($20). New this year are two Sunday daytime pool parties on July 27 and Aug. 24. Information: 860-862-3554 and mohegansun.com.

Sara Grant / CTNow