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Bar Manager Jennifer Holcomb

Bar Manager Jennifer Holcomb has been at Rizzuto's for just over a year. She became bar manager after a career of managing front-of-house happenings in restaurants for 10 years. She's happy to be back to connecting with the customers and having some fun. Q: Being the bar manager, what is it like having your hand in creating the cocktail menu? A: I think it's awesome. I love being able to try different things. The chef and I work very closely and bounce ideas off of each other about what he's serving. I'm working to make this a craft cocktail destination ... more fresh ingredients, expanding our beer list. Q: What is your most popular summer cocktail? A: It's been popular for a while: The cranberry orange margarita is probably our No. 1 seller. It's one of our infusions. We make our own cranberry-orange tequila. Super light, super refreshing. Q: Tell me more about your infusions. A: It's been pretty popular here. People see the jars and ask, "What are you making now?" I'm constantly playing around with things. I went and bought my own fireball candies, threw them in some whiskey and made my own Fireball. People love it. Q: What is one infusion you've tried and just said, "Nope, this won't work"? A: I tried a Pisco barrel. We did it with espresso and honey. Pisco is hard in general, but we tried it. I soaked the barrel in coffee for a while then we put vanilla bean, it was just horrible. So bad. We must have tried 15 different cocktails.

Sara Grant / CTNow
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