'Measure for Measure'

Director Robert Falls' arresting, audacious, mostly nihilistic and highly amusing production of "Measure for Measure" is set among the peep shows and grind joints of pre-Disney Times Square - an apt setting for what has always struck me as Shakespeare's most American play. This production is bursting with ideas, all bumping up against the next notion coming down the subway line. There will be some who feel Falls wants to make the play too stark, and insists on killing the textual tension between benevolence and cruelty. Darn tootin'. Falls treats the play as a juicy satire, a not-quite-cautionary tale chronicling the last dirty days of disco. Through April 14 at the Goodman Theatre, 170 N. Dearborn St.; $25-$86 at 312-443-3800 at
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