'Maple and Vine' ★★★

If you have ever arrived home looking for affection and found a partner hunched over a laptop, you might find "Maple and Vine" enticing. In this new play by Jordan Harrison -- a hit at the Humana Festival -- a pair of stressed-out urban professionals decide to pack it all in and go back to the 1950s. They join a community in some unspecified Midwest locale where all of the residents act like it's always 1955. The play is as its best when it makes you really think about whether everything in the modern world represents progress. Is the bleed of work into personal time really a good thing? Wouldn't you like to better know your neighbors? Your kids? When "Maple and Vine" hits those sensitive areas, it achieves real resonance. - Chris Jones Through Dec. 4 at Next Theatre in the Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes St., Evanston; $25-$40 at 847-475-1875 or
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