'American Horror Story'

Dr. Arden's medicine makes Kit's heart stop beating. Eeesh. (FX / December 13, 2012)

What is it about guys named Morgan turning into serial killers?

First there was Dexter Morgan and now Johnny Morgan, the modern-day Bloody Face, played by Dylan McDermott. At least Dexter saves his dark passenger for deserving victims.

As Johnny tells a psychiatrist about his experience skinning cats and his compulsions to hurt woman, we learn that Johnny Morgan isn't who he said he was. 

"You see, my name isn't Morgan," he tells the psychiatrist. "My name is Thredson. I'm the son of Bloody Face."

Child of mine

So who is the lucky victim knocked up by Thredson? It's Lana Winters and she's not too happy about carrying the spawn of a mass murderer.

After Lana hears the news, a coat hanger is the only remedy for what ails her. But the abortion attempt is unsuccessful.

Lana and Kit concoct a plan to trick Thredson into giving a confession. This involves Lana confronting the sociopath and telling him about the baby while Kit hides in the corner with a recorder.

"This monster you planted inside me, I'm getting rid of it," Lana says. "No baby should have to know that his father is Bloody Face."

"You know I have great determination," Thredson pleads. "I can change."

We get a nice explanation of Thredson wanting to kill one of his victims because her "skin was fuzzy like a peach" and he "wanted to feel it."

That's change you can count on. Thredson probably envisions father-son bonding time as the kind of day that revolves around dissecting birds and skinning cats.

"I always wanted to know what it was like inside the mind of a killer," Lana says, thinking the abortion worked. "Now I know."

Lana and Kit get their confession, but Thredson has the last laugh as Sister Mary Eunice frees the doctor and tells Lana, "Your attempt to murder this child was unsuccessful. And I know something else. It's a boy."


Monsignor Timothy Howard brings a guest to see Sister Jude. The fallen nun is the newest Briarcliff patient after testimony from bad Santa, Dr. Arden and the monsignor paints her as Frank's killer.

Speaking of our favorite deranged Santa, Ian McShane, he's Sister Jude's visitor. This time he's ditched his festive outfit to prove his holiness.

"He has something to say to you," says the Monsignor. "And I think you'll find it more medicinal than any pill."

McShane’s character, Lee Emerson, has a message for Sister Jude: "I forgive you."

Sister Jude doesn't pay much heed to Emerson but she does apologize to Lana and promises to free the soon-to-be mother from the confines of Briarcliff.