Know Your Zombies: Zombie Ray Lewis Fan

Defining characteristics: The last of the original Baltimore Zombies has been part of this city since being first infected in 1996; a true leader -- if all zombies ate brains with the gusto he (it?) exhibits, humanity would be truly doomed; known to do a little shift-to-the-left, then-shift-to-the-right dance, which really psyches out potential meals and inspires his fellow zombies. Arm: You thought the real Ray Lewis had trouble with that torn triceps? Zombie Ray Lewis Fan lost his arm ages ago, yet that hasn't slowed him down in the least. Beer gut: Fortunately, zombies aren't hurt when their stomachs are pierced, but beer has been known to flow from this guy's. Hormone-free: Has been known to eat deer brains but has never touched deer antler spray.
Alison Cowles, The Baltimore Sun
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