WWE Extreme Rules features no contest for WWE title, big night for The Shield

This year's Extreme Rules pay-per-view event left us with some unanswered questions but also some new beginnings.

In the main event (a rare moment in WWE history where all wrestlers in a final match on PPV weren't on a full-time WWE schedule), Brock Lesnar defeated Triple H in a cage match. Lesnar went up 2-1 on "The Game" and is likely poised for another future match in WWE (not against Triple H), perhaps at Summerslam or Wrestlemania 30. Questions coming out of this match are: will Triple H wrestle again? And what will Brock turn his attention to next? Perhaps we may see Rock vs. Brock after all.

John Cena vs. Ryback in a last man standing match ended in a no contest, after the pair brawled around the arena and Ryback ended up spearing Cena through the stage. The odd part was that Ryback eventually made it to his feet, while Cena was carted off on a stretcher wearing a neck brace. Does this mean the WWE champion is taking time off? This seems to all but confirm another match between the pair -- perhaps with another stipulation -- at the next WW PPV event.

The Shield took another big leap toward main event status Sunday. Dean Ambrose won the United States title, beating Kofi Kingston with a headlock driver, while Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins defeated Team Hell No to capture the tag team titles. An idea here could be to see The Shield defend the titles in a variation of the "Freebird" rule (i.e. we never know which Shield member will defend which title). Regardless if that happens or not, this is a huge moment for The Shield, and a test to see if they can carry the ball (whichI think they will succeed at very well).

Hometown boy Randy Orton delighted the St. Louis crowd by defeating Big Show (yes, you read that correctly, a WWE superstar won a match in his hometown!). The head punt was in play here, and I like that because it's seldom used and perceived to be deadly, making it special/effective when it is seen.

Two matches that unfortunately didn't excite me very much on the card were Alberto Del Rio defeating Jack Swagger and Sheamus beating Mark Henry. I didn't mind the false finish of Zeb Colter throwing in Ricardo's towel to cause the match to end, only for a second referee to interject and match ref Mike Chioda to watch a replay of what happened, causing him to restart the match. My concern is this: I know many in the WWE Universe might be forgiving and forgetful. That's fine. To me, every time we see a finish to a match where something happened behind the referee's back (for example a foot on the ropes, an illegal move, a foreign object, etc.), I will always ask, "Why wasn't instant replay used here?" Lets hope that it will be a staple moving forward and we aren't expected to forget about it (it has also happened in years gone by). We did learn one thing in the Sheamus / Mark Henry match, however. In a strap match, green light means you win, red light means you lose.

Chris Jericho beat Fandango in the opener. The pair didn't seem to gel extremely well, but Jericho seemed to be leading the dance, so to speak. "Fandangoing" might be put on the shelf for now.

On the pre show, The Miz beat Cody Rhodes.

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