'Weeds' recap, season 8 episode 2

We left Nancy hyperventilating through an oxygen mask while in a medically induced coma following her shooting.

In this episode, we meet her awake and her old smiling self in the hospital. Nancy reminisces about past neighbors in her plush and personalized hospital bed fit for a mid-level drug dealer.

After 77 days, Nancy has cultivated a mafia persona and become the belle of the hospital amongst patients and staff.

Meanwhile, Scott has returned from India eager to reunite with his twins (who are so creepy they could be from The Shining) and wife Jill, whose sexual indiscretion with Andy on Nancy's hospital bed has turned into a full-blown affair.

Andy has turned into Mr. Rogers -- not just in wardrobe, but in his neighborly attitude to a family which once again is not really his own. He coaches Jill on how to break up with her husband while keeping the freaky twins in mind to keep the family together. The whole living arrangement really seems like some weird co-op.

Back at the hospital, a pudgy (yet still frightening) clown sparks self-reflection in Nancy. The clown is the cancer patients' drug dealer; after seeing how he exploits them, Nancy decides the sick deserve better.

Nancy, still unaware that her son Shane is in police academy, decides to pass out her product to patients for free. She wraps her little gifts and passes them out around the hospital. As she does, a bright smile radiates from her face as she thinks about how much she has become a morally righteous drug dealer.

Silas is alarmed about Nancy's handouts, especially since his business partner (who he has entered into a Fifty Shades of Grey type relationship with) is demanding more product from Nancy. I sense Nancy's new devotion to being a better person might put a strain on the business side of things in the future.

Another business venture sure to be a disaster is Doug's investment in a product I can only interpret as bikini-clad models who act as Nancy's dealers. The whole thing is suspect and will most likely backfire in Doug's face.

Nancy does gain a victory over the clown, who conjures up all my childhood post-circus nightmares as he menacingly threatens her over her bed. Bozo gets smacked down when Nancy demands he stop selling to patients and uses her mafia (Italian, not Mexican) persona to scare him into agreeing.

By the end of the episode, Nancy has tackled a clown, Andy has asserted himself into Jill's life as not just another distraction but something to leave her husband permanently for, Silas continues to run the business end while maintaining an adventurous sex life, and Shane successfully keeps playing both sides of the law.

With all this positive attitude and comparatively low level drama, this time next week the cast will all be dressed in lederhosen and singing Edelweiss as the Botwin Family Singers.

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