'True Blood' recap, 'Don't You Feel Me?'

Once he's got Burrell’s full attention, he asks about that "white circular room where vampires meet the sun." The governor doesn't offer up any answers, so Bill(ith) rips his head off. This is one of the True Bloodiest scenes in tonight's episode, but I must admit that I was sad to see Governor Burrell go. He's been one of the most reliably interesting and entertaining characters throughout this season.

RIP Terry Bellefleur

After Terry drops in unexpectedly on Lafayette and insists that Lafayette take a key to his safety deposit box, Lafayette calls up Arlene to let her know that her man's acting cray cray. Arlene immediately suspects that Terry is suicidal, and confides her fears in Holly.

Luckily, Holly's son's friend's dad's gay vampire husband Matt totally owes her a favor. He'll just glamour Terry into forgetting all that nasty stuff about the war and Patrick, and then Arlene and Terry can get back to being a happy family. Great plan, except that along with forgetting all that nasty stuff, Terry also forgets that he asked his marine buddy to kill him.

Unlike us viewers, he's completely unsuspecting when said buddy holds up his part of the arrangement and shoots Terry behind Merlotte's. Now he'll never learn his cousin Andy's sole surviving faerie daughter has finally got herself a name: Adeline-Braylin-Charlaine-Danica. Arlene sings Terry a lullaby and then he dies, along with this completely unnecessary storyline.

I'd heard rumors before the season even began that a major character would bite the proverbial bullet (specifically, Eric Northman). If this was that death, I'm both supremely underwhelmed and also very relieved that Eric will live to see another season. Either way, I don't see how Terry's death is going to have a very big impact on the goings-on in Bon Temps.

Jason vs. Sarah Newlin

Jason goes into an LAVTF recruitment center so that he might become a solider, gain access to Vamp Camp and rescue Jess. He so thoroughly convinces the first officer he encounters that he is a vampire-killing machine that he is welcomed into the fold and promptly ushered off to the torture camp, where he comes face to face with none other than Sarah Newlin. Never one to exercise discretion, Jason lets Sarah know that he's going to rescue Jessica and that if she gets in his way, he'll let the governor and everyone else know what a "whore for Christ" Sarah really is.

Sarah doesn't take kindly to being threatened, and forces Jason to watch Jessica partake in a "copulation study." Except that James, the smolderingly attractive vampire who's supposed to do the deed with Jess, isn't down with coerced copulation. He bravely withstands Sarah's UV light-beam attacks and nobly refuses to comply with her orders until finally Sarah just gives up and sends Jessica back to her cell. Your move, Jason.

A is for alpha dog

Sam and Nicole -- yawn -- have a heart-to-heart in their motel room about whether Sam is fit to be a father to Emma, especially while on the run. Sam realizes that Nicole's probably got a point, and hands Emma over to grandma Martha. All's well that ends well (just so long as Emma doesn't eat any Funyuns).

Remember when Alcide was just a sweet werewolf who hung around and made sure Sookie kept safe? Ever since being made pack master, he's turned into a (really boring) jerk. When his good-for-nothing father calls him to the motel and tells him where he can find Sam, Nicole and Emma, Alcide shows up looking for a fight.

Unfortunately, Sam and company have already vacated the establishment. Alcide sniffs the dirty bed sheets, and tracks Sam and Nicole down. Upon learning that Emma has been returned to the pack, Alcide agrees that if Sam and Nicole leave for good, he'll let them go. But should Sam ever show his face around Bon Temps again, Alcide will let his pack have at him.

It was welcome news that emerged from Comic-Con over the weekend -- executive produce Brian Buckner announced plans to return to the show's roots and hone in on the vampire-human relationships that have always been True Blood's heart.

Perhaps now that Terry is dead and Emma is back with the werewolves, we can get down to business. How will Warlow kill Lilith without killing Bill? Is Hepatitis V going to infect Vamp Camp? And what about that white circular room where Billith foresaw all our favorite vamps being burned alive?

With only four episodes to go, I'm crossing my fingers that it's nonstop action from here on out.