'The Walking Dead' recap, season three premiere: 'Seed'
Best zombie kill

When Michonne lopped off two of their heads at once with her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo sword.

Death count

Zombies: 60

Owls: 1

Hershel's legs: 1/2. (NOTE: in the comics, it was Dale who lost his leg once they got to the prison. So, just think about that…)

What everyone is up to

Rick: Pacing around the prison yard, doing jump kicks and hacking off old men's legs with a hatchet.

Lori: Freaking out about her bun in the oven. Confiding in Hershel.

Carl: Flirting with Beth, who towers over him. Trying to eat dog food, and horsing around.

Andrea: Catching a serious case of the sniffles. Acting sassy.

Glenn: Trying to be Banksy with his graffiti art. Volunteering for suicide missions.

Daryl: Flirting with Carol. Sleeping on perches. Wearing a cool cape made out of a stoner poncho.

Carol: Flirting with Daryl. Almost shooting Rick. Weakly attacking a walker with a tire iron.

T-Dog: Knocking fools down with a plastic riot shield.

Hershel: Having his leg bitten into like a big salty turkey leg at the RenFest.

Maggie: Fighting alongside the men. Stabbing zombie prison guards in the Adam's apple.

Beth: Performing duets with Maggie. Making Carl get funny, warm feelings in his Underoos.

Michonne: Finding travel size packets of aspirin for Andrea. Making her two pet zombies carry all of her luggage.

Lingering questions
  • Is Lori's bebo gonna turn into a zombie inside her tummy and rip her apart from the inside out?
  • What will become of Hershel, know that he done got bit by a zombie?
  • Who's in the helicopter?
  • Where are Merle Dixon and Morgan and Duane?

A look ahead to next week's episode, "Sick"

We meet the Governor and visit the quaint little town of Woodberry, and we get inside the cockpit of the mysterious helicopter, which seems to be in for a rough landing!