'The Walking Dead' recap, season three premiere: 'Seed'
Carl goes out of his way to find a nice can of dog food, only for Rick to grab it and chuck it into the fireplace, right as he's about to dig in. Sheesh Rick, sorry, I didn't realize this was The Four Seasons!

Sometimes it's fun to act silly

When the adults are preparing to explore the prison, little Carl dons a riot helmet and starts chuckling like a chuckle-head with Beth when it topples off of his head. Then Rick is like "Gimme that! Cut out all that horseplay!"

The part that looked the most scary, but also the most fun!

Didn't it look like it would have been so fun to be exploring those dark hallways of the prison, shooting up zombies!? It looked like some kind of awesome haunted house that they always have out in the sticks at this time of year, the ones that kids stick fliers in your windshield advertising. Only it wouldn't be as fun if it wasn't fake, and it might also have been better if you get to take a hayride through it and they had caramel apples and cider at the end.

I thought it would have been funny...

If, when everyone was talking about what kind of amenities the prison might have (Rick: "Armory!" Hershel: "Commissary!" Daryl: "Infirmary!"), Glenn had chimed in: "Arcade!"

You can win the Hyundai!

Hah. I don't know. It's just kind of funny to me how hard they try to shoehorn a cross promotion with the Hyundai Tucson into a show about surviving in a world overrun by reanimated corpses.

Creepiest zombie

The little old lady one in the house. I mean, the one whose face came off was pretty awesome too, but this isn't "Awesomest zombie"

Awesomest zombie

The one whose face came off when Rick pulled his gas mask off. I was like "Hey is this The Walking Dead or the Grateful Dead!? Haha! Yes! (The Grateful Dead released an album in 1976 called "Steal Your Face" Get it?)

Quote board

Daryl: "While the others wash their panties, lets go hunting. That owl didn't exactly hit the spot."

Lori: "What if it's stillborn? What if it's dead inside me right now, what if it rips me apart?"

Rick: "I'm doing stuff Lori, things. Isn't that enough?"

Andrea, to Michonne: "I wont have you dying for me. Good soldier, won't leave your post: screw you."

Hershel: "Sing Patty Riley for me, I haven't heard that I think since your mother was alive."

Winner: Daryl