'The Voice' recap: Down to the Final 6

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Introducing your Top 6…After a shocking elimination

Just when you think you have a show completely figured out…it will change your mind with one night of eliminations. Last night on The Voice, it was time to introduce American to their Top 6 performers. After Monday night’s lack of energy during some of the performances, you figured more than ever this week America would vote for the guaranteed favorites.

Let’s recap before I jump into the spoiler alert. Coming into last night’s live results show Team Usher had one contestant (Michelle Chamuel) Team Shakira had one contestant (Sasha Allen) Team Blake had three contestants (Danielle Bradbery, The Swon Brothers, and Holly Tucker and Team Adam had three contestants as well (Judith Hill, Amber Carrington, and Sarah Simmons) giving both Team Blake and Team Adam the lead, and possibly making it the last week on the show for both Team Usher and Shakira.

Blake Shelton’s assistant coach Sheryl Crow took the stage to perform her new single “Easy.” It was also a night of duets as one member from each team was paired with another member from a rival team to perform a duet. Judith Hill and Michelle Chamuel performed “Sweet Nothing,” Sasha Allen and The Swon Brothers performed “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” Danielle Bradbery and Sarah Simmons performed “A Thousand Years” and Amber Carrington and Holly Tucker performed “Does He Love You”

During another “Voice Confessional," we learned that Michelle Chamuel likes to snack on straight-up lettuce, while her coach Usher enjoys candy. Judith Hill loves superheroes and if any of the coaches were superheroes, Usher would be “Captain Muscles” and Blake and Adam would definitely be a duo (Adam made it clear he wouldn’t be Blake’s side kick)

Now that we have all of that squared away, we can get to the part that really counts…The results.

In the first round of saves, Team Usher’s Michelle Chamuel, was the first person to move on to next week’s top 6 (you can breathe a sigh of relief #4EyeArmy), followed by the youngest competitor in the competition, Team Blake’s Danielle Bradbery.

The next save went to Team Shakira’s Sasha Allen, securing Team Usher and Team Shakira spots in next week’s show and leaving teams Adam and Blake preparing for potential elimination.

Team Blake could take a slight breath after the The Swon Brothers advanced to next week’s top 6.

In the night’s final round of eliminations, Holly Tucker, Amber Carrington, Judith Hill, and Sarah Simmons all stood waiting to hear their fate. As Team Adam’s Amber Carrington advanced, the ladies -- who reigned supreme in past elimination shows -- waited to hear their fate.

Holly Tucker was safe. Both of Team Adam’s angels, Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons, were set home.

*insert gasp here*…we never thought we would see the day that Judith Hill went home on The Voice.

After the night’s eliminations, Coach Blake Shelton is in the lead with a complete team, while coaches Usher, Shakira and Adam are all left with one competitor each.

Who do you want to win it all? If your favorite competitor is still in the competition be sure to vote for them. If your favorite competitor went home last night...well, you can still cheer for their teammate. I’m sure that is how it works.

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