The last hometown date is with Brooks in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Des admits to being in love with Brooks, but Brooks is still unsure. When they see each other, they engage in the list of adjectives which are really verbs that they set out last week- she skips, he runs, she jumps, he hugs. They kiss.  Des is convinced that Brooks is holding back his feelings like she did last season with Sean. If memory serves, Sean sent you home Des, and you did not hold back any feelings!

After spending some time on a canoe and comparing themselves to a couple of ducks swimming on the lake, Des finally meets Brooks’ family which is so big that they wear name tags like the Romneys at the National Republican Convention.  

Brooks talks to his mom about Des. Then he talks to his brothers, The Osmonds. Then he talks to his sister who looks a lot like Des will in 20 years.  Then, when he gets everyone’s approval, he sends Des on her way without telling her he loves her.  

Brother Nate

Des is back in L.A. and says that she needs to talk to one more person before the rose ceremony.  Yes, Brother Nate has managed to stay out of jail since Sean’s season and he is back!  For those of you who didn’t watch Sean’s season, or have forgotten how Brother Nate ruined Des’ hometown date with Sean, here is my recap from that episode last season- 

Just as the hometown date is going smoothly, Brother Nathan rears his ugly head and decides this whole thing just ain’t right. As the happy “family” sits down for dinner, Nate asks Sean, “Yo buddy, can I holla at you real fast.” Fortunately Sean speaks gang-yard prison and realizes this means “can I have a minute outside with you so we can talk in private.” Nate starts the “hollaing” by telling Sean that it is clear to him that Des is really into him, and that Sean is not “reciprocating.” He uses the word "reciprocate" three times to show Sean he is no dummy. I think he gave himself an aneurysm on the last one. Sean promises Nate that he is crazy about Des. There’s that word again. Nate isn’t buying it, and neither am I because at my count, Sean is crazy about four girls in four states. Brother Nate calls Sean a playboy and Sean is offended! "Man-whore" probably would have been more accurate and less offensive to Sean’s character and integrity.

When Sean and Nate return to the table, everyone is scared of what Nate might have said to Sean. They all had the look of “what have you done this time” on their faces. I’m sure that Nate’s parents got lots of phone calls from principals and police officers through the years. Or at least they would have, if they had a phone in their tent. Des can blame Brother Nate all she wants, but she was doomed the minute she told Sean that she had lived in a tent for months. I bet once dinner was over, Brother Nate grabbed his steak knife, put it in the front of his pants and was happily on his way to meet with his parole officer. 

Des hasn’t seen Brother Nate since, and is not really happy to see him now.  He tells her that he is only looking out for her best interests and would like to meet the guys.  She says NO WAY! Instead, she tells him that Zak is adventurous, Drew is sweet and kind, Chris is athletic, active, good and humble, and Brooks is funny, quirky and they get each other (which is what exactly what Sean said about Catherine last season).  

Des pretty much tells Brother Nate “thanks for coming, now get out.” Nate is not convinced that she won’t have her heart broken again.  

Rose Ceremony

Before the rose ceremony, Des and Chris sit down for a chat, during which she again admits that she loves Brooks. She further admits that although Brooks hasn’t said I love you to her, she knows he does because she can feel it.  At the end of their conversation, Des firmly states that she wants to marry Brooks. Does that mean we can wrap it up already? No, because she is going to keep Chris on the back burner, just in case.

As she is walking towards the rose ceremony, Des says, “There is nothing holding me back from meeting my husband” ... except for Brother Nate who is hiding behind a column in the hotel lobby and is probably violating his parole. 

Roses go to Brooks, Chris and ... Drew, which we all knew since we have seen him in lots of promos for next week’s episode.

Zak is crushed and puffs out his cheeks, which makes him look like an angry chipmunk. He is shocked.  Des cries and stutters as she tries to tell him why she is sending him home. Let me help you out here Des. I think the words you are looking for are “I’m just not that into you, Zak.” She gives him back the ring and Zak gets in the reject limo and puffs out his cheeks some more. He is trying to figure out what happened. You got dumped, dude.  

Zak says he is going home to a dark place where he can’t find love, and doesn’t want to go back to his lonely life back home. Were you that pathetic BEFORE the show, Zak, because you look really pathetic now. In the most dramatic ring toss in "Bachelorette" history, Zak throws the Atlantic City promise ring out the window. It sounded like tin when it hit the sidewalk and probably would have turned her finger green. 

Zak is heartbroken, but he will soon realize that he dodged a bullet — straight from Brother Nate and aimed at his big melon shaped head.  

Next week: The men tell all!