'Amazing Race'

The Twins must repair a windmill to move on. Think they're in over their heads? You might be right. (CBS / December 3, 2012)

Texi go to the other Detour, where they find a 1,000-yr-old bullfighting arena and put on a two-person bull costume. Then they have to butt the capes of eight matadors and hit a bullseye in under two minutes.

Trey is in the back of the costume with his head sticking up, and Lexi is blindly following his directions with a giant bull head on her head. They pass all the matadors pretty easily, but they don't slam on the brakes and they end up smashing into the bullseye target, rather than gently tapping it, so it's a fail.

Somehow Lexi slices her finger in the crash, and she cries a lot. Not so tough now, are you, cheerleader?

She gets a bandaid and pulls herself together. For the second try she makes Trey take the front of the bull and she navigates. This time they succeed.

You are Team Number — aaaah!

After a car race through the crowded streets, Texi gets to the Pit Stop first. The greeter is a headless man, and I freak out, just for a second. The body is wearing a suit and tie, all buttoned up, but there's no neck hole because there's no neck. Aaah! It points at the arriving teams, and what sounds like a woman's voice welcomes them to Spain. 

Between the demons frolicking on the streets and the headless greeters, I'm thinking Mallorca has a deep level of crazy going on. That whole place is possessed.

The Chippendales are Team Number Two!

Who's better with tools?

The Goat Farmers, with their map and ability to read it, plus their ability to drive stick, arrive at the windmill before the Twins. They're suiting up in the parking lot when the Twins pull up, bickering about where to park. Josh's competitive drive kicks in.

The Beekmans have a wind turbine on their farm, and that is this week's Useful Life Skill Applied to the Race (James' styrofoam hammer was a close second). They also say that the wrenches and bolts make it seem like repairing a tractor. They've got this.

The Twins, meanwhile, are at another windmill, dropping tools, doing their Twin thing. They see the Goats drive away after finishing the task, and they say that they suck.

Next week we need a conspiracy

Goat Farmers take third place! Phil says that he's seen them limp, collapse, faint, and fall down, but they're still there. Josh says it's hard to kill them.

The Twins are last. They are mad at themselves for getting beaten by the Beekmans. They point out that they're a strong team, but no one was plotting against them and they managed to come in last place all on their own. 

Phil doesn't eliminate them. I'm totally mad at him for that, wishing he was saving Team Dominate instead. Yes, I'm still bitter. Anyway, Twins are still in it.

Next week is the two-hour finale! Yay! Let's have food and beverages together, shall we?