'Amazing Race'

The Twins must repair a windmill to move on. Think they're in over their heads? You might be right. (CBS / December 3, 2012)

Time once again for "The Amazing Race," or as I called it last week, The Dream Crushing, Boyfriend Eliminating Hour of Depression.

I've got something that will perk you up this week: Spain! Barcelona! Beaches! It's a magical place where even the demons and devils are happy.

The Twins leave the previous Pit Stop at 2:55 a.m., which is the first middle-of-the-night departure time we've seen in a long time. They catch a 6 a.m. flight to Barcelona.

The Chippendales get a 7:20 a.m. flight, and they mention that they don't know who the fourth team is, because they never saw them. Texi gets a 7:55 flight.

In Barcelona, they're supposed to take an overnight ferry to Mallorca. When does the overnight ferry depart? 11 p.m. So the top three teams reunite, hug, cheer, hang out at the beach and frolic in the water all day, and then cheer some more.

Meanwhile, the Goat Farmers depart at 9:38, about three hours behind the others. Josh mentions his foot injury from falling down in a field on the last leg. Now his ankle is wrapped. Brent tells him to Lamaze breathe, and then demonstrates how to do it. 

"What are you doing?" Josh says. 

"I'm breathing through the pain for you." 

"Thank you. It still hurts."

The Devil is on vacation in Spain

The teams all take the same overnight ferry. The top three were thrilled to see the Goats instead of Team Dominate, and they brag about their U-Turn conspiracy. 

When they get to the island, they find a particular plaza where people dressed as demons and devils (red makeup, black lips, horns, chains) swing balls of fire and scream a lot. I guess this is one of those wacky cultural traditions. It's hard for me to think how it started, because demons should arrive on Mallorca and say, "This is quite beautiful. Maybe '’ll set down my scepter of fire and just chill for a bit."

The Goat Farmers are delivered to the wrong place, so they are once again behind everyone else. I'm really worried about this, because they're now the great come-from-behind hope.

The Devil is also a stick shift

After running a gauntlet of demons, and surviving a shower of sparks, teams get a clue that tells them to drive themselves to a sports complex. 

Guess who can't drive stick? (Besides me?) Nadiya. Before the Race, she was specifically designated as the driver to learn stick. She took one class, figured it was pretty easy, and didn't go back. That one class didn't stick, because they were supposed to follow Texi and the Chipps, but instead they are stalling their car.

How to play tennis like Agassi

The sports complex is a Roadblock. This is the hometown of Rafael Nadal, known as the king of tennis play. I don't know my tennis stars, so I'm trusting Phil on this one. One team member has to return 20 balls from a ball launcher, in bounds, before they run out of balls.

Trey says that he plays tennis. He's wearing a headband, and the Chippendales point out in an interview that, "When you have the Andre Agassi headband, you play like Agassi."