'Survivor Caramoan'

Eddie, Hope and Reynold get settled during the premiere of "Survivor Caramoan." (CBS / February 14, 2013)

It's "Survivor" time again, and, this time, we're in the Caramoan Islands. It's Fan Vs. Favorites this season, which means 10 regular contestants and 10 returning contestants.

All of the promos I've seen for this season have played up the crazy, namely Brandon and Philip and a little bit of Cochran thrown in, but I have no idea who the rest of the Favorites are.

Jeff spends a little time talking about the Fans, but really, we don't know them from a hole in the ground, so without much further ado, it's time for the Favorites.

Here they are:

Malcolm -- From only last season, he's back because, well, everybody loves him and he's good for ratings.

Cochran -- From "Survivor South Pacific," he's promoted as betraying his tribe, but they hated him and were really mean to him, so who can blame him? Got him a little further in the game, but not enough.

Dawn -- Also from Cochran's season, who was too nice to take the opportunity to make it further in the game. We'll see how she does this season.

Brenda -- I didn't watch her season, but apparently she used her looks to get further in the game. But it didn't work? I'm confused.

Erik -- A fan during the first Fan vs. Favorites, He made the super-stupid mistake of giving away immunity and paid the price for it.

Brandon -- Also from Cochran's season, I'm assuming he's still accompanied by his Crazy, which is large enough to get it's own persona. I hope he's not as close to a mental breakdown as he was the last time.

Andrea -- I also didn't watch her season, but she was pretty and went out too soon?

Corinne -- Looks like she made it to the jury, and she was super bitter. She was a favorite?

Phillip -- I've only heard about his crazy. We'll see.

Francesca -- Her main purpose here seems to be that she will make Phillip's crazy come out. (I don't know yet whether Phillip is capital "C" crazy. We'll see.)

We head back to the Fans, and we see shots of crocodiles, interspersed with shots of the Fans looking into the water, but, based on the Fans reactions, there aren't actually any crocodiles, since there isn't any screaming. That's what I would be doing, anyway.

The Fans seem way too happy to be playing against the Favorites. Why would you want to play against someone who has been through the game before? Malcolm is going to have a big ol' target on his back real soon, both from the Fans and the Favorites.

They start right out with a Reward Challenge. Survivors go head to head, and battle it out in the water over a life preserver ring. It's basically the mud wrestling challenge from last season, but in the water. The producers are certainly stirring the pot early this year. Oh, wait, it's 2 on 2, so there is a little bit more strategy involved and a little less brutality than the mud wrestling.

Oh, wait, that was only when Dawn was playing. Now we're back to full-on wrestling. And wow, Phillip might be crazy, but he's also crazy strong. And I don't think Malcolm has been out of this game long enough. He flat out takes down the Fan he's up against (not sure of his name, but he looks like he's the new Malcolm of this season.)

Malcolm might have been spending a little too much time in Survivorworld and not the real world, is all I'm saying.

The Favorites get the job done, and win the first Reward Challenge. They get flint, and 20 pounds of beans. That's going to be a huge advantage, strength and energy-wise.