'Cinco Salsa'

Top 16 contestants Matthew Kazmierczak and Audrey Case perform a Salsa routine to "Cinco Salsa" choreographed by Liz Lira. (FOX)

Cat's looking even more beautiful than usual (which I didn't think was possible) as she welcomes us to tonight's episode with 16 dancers still left in the competition.

The opening number has all the dancers dressed like Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp and they're using a weird filter to make most of the picture black and white while leaving the open umbrella red. It reminds me of a precious greeting card your grandmother might send you.

The routine is a little meh overall, with music that never seems to rise and fall.

To save time I guess, the dancers are not introduced individually, but as couples. But we still get the "gulls" and guys strut at the end of the intro. Cat tells us that opening number was by Tyce Dioro.

Cat says she's starting off with two pieces of bad news -- there's a two week break after tonight and that two dancers will be eliminated tonight. Judges tonight are regulars Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and special guest Christina Applegate.

Our first couple is George and Tiffany. And in the intro package, we learn that George is a runner and he peed his pants at the sound of the starting pistol at his first meet. Tiffany was salutatorian of her high school class.

Tiffany & George are babysitters in a Tabitha and Napoleon routine. I don't love the costuming or the set design or the baby crying sound effects, but I do actually like this choreography -- it's the kind of hip-hop I like to watch.

But I'm not quite sure they hit it hard enough. Nigel says he'd like to see hip hop get "grungier" on the show -- I'm always scared when I agree with Nigel.

Mary disagrees with me by liking the set design, but I'm not sure I trust a woman whose ring covers three of her four fingers. Christina tries to talk, but is having a hard time using her words. There's a lot of body language and hand gestures.

Next up: Brandon and Amber. Amber is a hairstylist and Brandon has a role in the new "Step Up" movie. They've got a routine about a couple who get sexy in the hot and humid South.

If you've been in this recent heat wave, you know that for most of us being a sweaty mess does not equal amorous feelings. That being said, I think these two, a new partnership, are showing some real chemistry together.

Christina's reaction is not allowed to air on network tv and breaks one of the Ten Commandments. So, she liked it. Mary liked it and calls out the soul in the performance.

Nigel calls Brandon out on his shoulders going up, and even points out that that's why one of his suspenders has fallen down. I love it when the judges get all specific like that.

Janelle tells us that Dareian is a daredevil and we find out that Janell likes to make up "raps." Oooh, helloooooo, Pasha who is back to choreograph a cha cha. They're dancing to this year's earworm, "Call Me Maybe." I don't know if that will help or hurt them. 

First impression is that it seems kind of slow; I don't know if that's to fit the song or if Pasha took it easy on them tempo-wise. Janelle's foot placement is awful and at times she even seems pigeon-toed.

Mary says there wasn't a whole lot of chemistry and that the transitions were rough. Mary points out the feet, saying they're a problem for both Dareian and Janelle. Christina tries to give them points for effort, but mentions that Dareian's hands were sometimes an issue.

Nigel also talks about Dareian's feet, both in terms of placement and how he picks them up. Nigel didn't see any sexiness in Janelle's performance tonight.

Lindsay lets us know that Cole is interested in acting. But she has a foot phobia. I would think that would prove difficult for a dancer. Mandy Moore is choreographing about "love and hate" -- I hope she's picked an appropriate and cheesy '80s song; it's why I look forward to Mandy Moore. Alas, it's a "Wild Horses" cover.

Wow, do I hate this cover of this song. I hate it so much I can't even judge the dancing objectively. Let's see what the professional judges have to say.