We pick things up at Olivia’s, where a disappointed Jake is packing up to go home. Olivia’s safer if he’s not there. She says Fitz will protect her, but Jake scoffs. Her father is Command and Fitz can’t defend her, because he doesn’t even know who her enemy is. Olivia tries, in a convincing tone, to say that her father would never kill her, but Jake has seen the full extent of Eli/Rowan’s wrath and describes the torture he endured in that hole: beatings, starvation, isolation, then being nursed to health for a second round.

“Your father would slit your throat and drink your blood if he knew it would help the republic,” says Jake.

Eli/Rowan had Huck kill just to remind her that he could. And it has definitely shaken her up. She has resolved to be a “good girl” – go to Sunday dinners, pretend she never met Jake. She wouldn’t even kiss him goodbye.

Mood changer: Harrison calls. They got a job. He dances, “Mary Jane” by Rick James comes on, and we’re all reminded that one of the best things about this show is the music.  

David and Abby are on a date, of sorts, when Harrison calls her with the good news. He’s trying to help her hunt down a job, which means their relationship may be on its way to being interesting again.

Meanwhile, Huck’s back in AA, coming clean about being forced to binge on “whiskey” and liking it. For some reason, even knowing that Huck is addicted to murdering people, I still just want to give him a hug.

Quinn’s still being annoying this week, in case you had any doubts. She’s at the meeting, stalking Huck. Her phone rings, interrupting Huck’s admission. Harrison again. With all this hype, this job better do more than pay their electric bill.

James and Cyrus appear to be getting some boo-loving in – nope, James is straddling him and begging for a quote.  It’s the Weiner + murder episode, guys! Senator Richard Meyers sent a woman a picture of his manly bits and she wound up dead. James wants a quote about the Republican Party’s new PR crisis.

Back at P&A, they are all having ethical issues with their new job. It’s Senator Meyers, obviously. The woman he sent a sext to, Desiree the Dental Hygienist, attempted to blackmail him, and wound up bludgeoned to death.

The redeeming quality is his wife, Shelley Meyers. She looks good on paper, so if they have her on his team, there’s a chance the public will buy his innocence. Shelley tells Olivia that they shipped their daughter off to Bethesda to work on a history report on Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She and her husband have been in therapy. He is innocent and she won’t let the world hang him. She thinks Olivia would understand, given her recent run-ins with the press. Olivia says everyone deserves a second chance.

Outside the courthouse, Olivia wades through a sea of press, once again trying her best to sound like she really believes Meyer’s innocence. David and Abby share a look. He’s disappointed at who their new client is, because David, of course, is the prosecutor. How will P&A make him lose an all-but-won case this time?

Other women the senator has sexted take the stand, reading off the increasingly pervy messages that he sent them. He wanted to shave them, see pictures of them on the toilet, have them squeeze things – I don’t even want to know what those things really mean. (Can’t pretend to be completely dainty when I watch “American Horror Story.” Bestiality and incest in one episode…)

It'sa not looking good for the senator, at all. All of the women are pretty, young and seem incredibly disgusted, which could easily sway the jury in the prosecution’s favor.

Mellie, Fitz and Cyrus are watching Lisa Kudrow’s Josephine Marcus, a democratic presidential hopeful who wants Fitz to “tame his cobra,” deliver zingers on a cable news show. Fitz is checking out the competition and doesn’t seem outwardly perturbed, but that, of course, is because he is busy discovering that Pete Foster (who Huck killed) is dead.

Olivia is imploding back in her office, searching for a new tack. They decide to paint the late Desiree as a slut. No one on the team seems happy.

In court, Desiree’s mentor takes the stand, testifying about her fears that Meyers would kill her. It is all very damning, until the defense lawyer begins to question him about his relationship with Desiree, suggesting that he bought her lavish gifts and had dinner with her far too often to just be her “mentor” and not her “sugar daddy.”

The press eats it up. A slew of news reports paint Desiree as a gold-digging opportunist whose rent, car payments and gym membership were all paid for by her various suitors. An interviewer asks Olivia if this is actually prostitution. Olivia says whatever it is, someone else could have killed her.

Mellie is also dealing with the press, charming them about some nothing project that she’s been working on. A journalist asks her a question about Marcus and she gives a fluffy answer about all women having to break the glass ceiling, but as she leaves with an unnamed congresswoman, Mellie whispers a snarky comment about Marcus involving a push-up bra and a fried twinkie. Of course, the congresswoman’s mic was still on; Mellie’s squeaky image may have just been blown.

Back at P&A, Quinn has cornered Huck about his AA meetings. He’s upset that she followed him, and Quinn has seen all through his whiskey metaphor. She wants to know who he killed and asks if it felt good, like a high. Huck, of course, walks away from her in disgust.

In the parking deck, Jake approaches Huck from behind. Guns are drawn, but Jake just wants to talk. He wants to know who Command had him kill. He wants to pin it on Command, once and for all, to free all of the former members of B613 and Olivia. Huck refuses.