Even the decision to have James do the interview in her home – an interview that he begins by thanking her for “inviting them into her lovely home” like she’s the neighbor lady – and his producers planting a fancy pitcher of tea in the camera’s line of vision, is sexist. The fact that they mention her being a war widow, but not her time as a soldier, is sexist. When she tells James not to interrupt her while she’s speaking, her sister, Candice, wants to stop the interview, but a smirking Liv and Abby tell her to let Josie work.

Cyrus gets a call from the Reverend, who is a double agent, which is awesome. He tells Cyrus that Sally is, indeed, trying to run on her own ticket. Cyrus says though he loves being married, and respects a woman’s right to choose, he and Fitz will explore some policies that the Tea Party will like (specifically, fiscal policies), if he agrees to help them sabotage Sally. Mellie tells Cyrus about Daniel Langston’s wandering eye, and suggests they use that because “Sally’s not practical like me.”

Jake’s friend calls to report that she has the info on that flight for him. He meets her in a dark alley, and is followed by the guy from the coffee shop. The man sneaks up, Jake turns around, his hands in the air, but the man shoots behind him, shooting the woman in the head. He tells Jake to check her bag, and there is a gun inside. “You’re welcome,” the stranger says.

Josie and her campaign team are busy celebrating the PAC dollars rolling in, and Josie hugs Liv, even though she knows that Liv doesn’t like it. Candice, of course, confronts Huck and Abby about the fake ad they showed Josie (Abby’s wearing the same nail polish as the shaky hand) but Abby stands by it. They needed her to get angry.

Harrison and Cyrus meet. Harrison tells him that Liv has not worked for a person who inspires her in quite some time, and Josie is that. He refuses to be bullied by Cyrus, threatening to give Salif a disability waiver. Harrison reminds him that it would require a lot of incriminating paperwork to bring that criminal back in the country. Harrison leaves, and Cyrus hops on the phone, requesting a visa, not a disability waiver for Salif.

Quinn is at the gun range, and so is Charlie. Who is also, of course, reporting to Rowan.

Jake’s stalker was actually a tail, Fitz placed on him when he realized B613 wanted Jake killed. Jake questions Fitz about Remington, and Fitz orders him to walk away. Whatever did, Jake says, that it is Command’s Achilles heel – may be Jake’s only chance to sleep with both eyes closed. Fitz asks if it’s his only chance to sleep with Liv and refuses to help him anymore.

Fitz later shows up at Liv’s door. She wants to know if he’s there to answer her question about Remington, but he just wants her to come on the campaign trail, which she obviously is not about to do.

“There is nothing you can do that I wouldn’t forgive,” he says, wondering why she can’t do the same for him. He wants to know why this is all so important to her and she tells him about the plane crash that took place near Iceland at the same time as Operation Remington. The crash killed all 329 people onboard, including her mother. They claim it was a “mechanical failure,” but she knows that the plane was shot down.

 “Do you still not know what I’m talking about?” she spits. Fitz looks truly troubled, but still refuses to admit that he knows anything about Remington. Liv says she was 12 when she died. (Fitz, who was turning 50 when he was shot, was old enough to be in the military when Olivia was 12, y’all.) She opens the door for him to leave.

Next week: Pope and Associates know about Liv’s mom. She’s surrounded by murderers and cannot deal.