Liv and Abby want Josie to go negative on Murderer Reston, because voters and donors will think that he’s experienced because he’s gone up against Fitz once before. Josie, of course, refuses and Liv decides they should do a one-on-one interview instead.

Cyrus calls Harrison, trying to bully him with news that someone named Adnan Salif, is trying to get back into the States. (Twitter tells me Salif is the insider trader that Harrison used to work for back in the day, which means he’s seriously bad news.) Cy wants him to push Liv to stop working for Marucs. Harrison freaks, closes the office door.

Fitz is still freaking about Liv knowing, obviously, but Cyrus suggests that he forget about it, in order to avoid having B613 try to assassinate him, basically.

Liv is torturing herself by watching the old news report on her mother’s plane crash and remembering Rowan, sitting on their couch, sobbing, when he told her that her mother was killed all those years ago.

Present-day Liv dials her father and asks him what the last thing he said to her mother was. He asks if she’s been drinking, but answer the question. He told Maya he loved her and kissed her on the cheek.

Olivia has so many questions for him, but is afraid he’ll kill her friends if she does. Instead, she suggests they talk about the weather or how she can’t form attachments to people because her mother is dead and her father is that “thing that goes bump in the night.” He agrees to answer one question, and she makes him promise not to kill Jake, Huck, or anyone she loves.

She asks if he gave the order to have her mother killed. He says no, and stands by his one question rule. He tells her that the past is the past – best to be left alone.

Of course, James Novak is the one who got the Marcus interview, and Cyrus is grilling him about what he’ll ask her. Ever the professional, James refuses to discuss it. There’s the sweetest moment when James chastises Cyrus for borrowing his tie without asking. Cyrus suggests that he ask her about the baby she abandoned, and if she’s a lesbian because she is 50 and unmarried. Of course, James is disgusted by this, given that they are a gay couple with their adopted baby in the next room, but Cyrus knows no boundaries.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party plans to rally against Faithless Fitz.  Cy calls Sally to ask her to have dinner wit Mellie and Fitz to make the plan for re-election. She agrees, and gloats to Bergen about having them “hook, line and sinker.”

Abby and Liv prep Josie for her interview. She makes a joke about a tractor while talking foreign policy, which Olivia advises her not to do. Abby throws a test question about her legs, and Josie refuses to talk about her legs or workout routine.

Liv understands that she doesn’t want to pander to sexism, but she needs to stop being so nice and to really work for the presidency. Josie explodes at Liv, not to make her someone she’s not, catches herself and apologizes. “So, she’s got a temper,” Abby quips to a stunned Liv.

Harrison goes to Huck for a favor. Salif cannot get back in the country, and Huck offers to delete his application from the system. Harrison is afraid for his life if Salif returns.

Mellie, looking awesome in a dark plum dress, complains about the dinner with the Langstons, but Fitz calms her by telling her that they have their own problems, namely Douglass’s wandering eye. Mellie jokes that she and Sally have something in common, after all.

Sally agrees to talk to the Tea Party Reverend, but is distracted by her husband’s flirting with Mellie. Daniel offers to say the prayer, and Sally is taken aback for a moment, having not seen him lead a prayer in ages. She peeks during the grace and notices her husband further checking out Mellie. Awkward.

Quinn’s at the gun range, and pretty much sucks at it. Ha! She looks behind her and who is there, but Charlie, who gives her some tips that leave her target hole-y and a creepy smile on her face.

When she gets back to the office, Huck is working away, and she asks him his professional opinion on B613: is anyone able to get out and be normal? Is she trying to get recruited, or something? Of course, he insists that now isn’t a good time. And she stomps off, like she didn’t expect that answer.

Tea Party Reverend is one the offensive when he meets with Sally, assuming that she’s there to get him in line on Fitz’s behalf. She says he’s not in the President’s woodshed, but instead, they want to offer him the opportunity to support a president who supports his ideals and faith: herself.

Josie is in makeup, but thinks Liv is keeping something from her. Abby and Olivia somberly show an attack ad from Reston. The commercials shows a shaky, woman’s hand about to open a door to a meeting with the leaders of the world, and asks if America really wants an inexperienced hand opening that door.

When her in-home interview with James begins with a question about her lack of experience, Josephine goes on the most perfect rant about sexism in politics.

She tells a story about her grandma’s habit of asking “what part of town” a boy she was dating was from, which was her grandmother’s way of asking if her boyfriend was white, so she knows about prejudice. She flat-out calls Reston sexist. The “attack ad” is literally implying that she doesn’t have the balls to sit at the table, but Reston is not alone. Josie says that everyone has been using coded language about gender when discussing her campaign.