'Real Housewives of Orange County' recap: Episode 8, 'Hot in Orange County'

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It’s a bright and early morning at the Dubrow home, with Heather getting excited and nervous about starting her first day on set. Family has always been Heather’s number-one priority, but this year she is trying to balance being a mom and resuming her acting career.

Tamra goes shopping for a wedding ring to get the ball moving on her wedding plans with Eddie. Former Orange County housewife Lauri Peterson joins Tamra on this important day and they catch up over a bottle of bubbly. Lauri explains how happy she is with her perfect husband and kids. She mentions that she heard about the fallout between Tamra and Vicki and claims that Vicki is so unhappy with her life that she wants to make everyone else unhappy.

Pot-smoking Judy lives across the street from Lydia and Doug and decides to swing by her daughter’s house for a quick chat. After Judy continues to joke around about her pot addiction, Lydia confronts her mother about her marijuana smoking habit. Judy admits that she is human and has relapsed and smoked a few joints since she “quit” smoking a few months prior.

Lydia feels that her mom is choosing pot over her and just wants her to be happy and healthy. Judy, on the other hand, believes that her daughter is being unfair and judgmental. Lydia even opens up and says that her earliest memories of her mom were of her lighting up. 

Heather joins Betty White and the rest of the all-star cast for a read-through of the Hot in Cleveland script. Heather gets in the groove, is an instant hit with the producers and hopes that she will fit in with the remainder of her cast mates. Back at home, Terry struggles alone with the children. His submissive, laid-back parenting skills are not what the family is used to, but Heather knows that he is trying really hard to help out and she is enjoying every minute of it.

Meanwhile, another housewife is also taking a crack at acting. Alexis meets with an acting coach after developing a passion for acting following her cameo on General Hospital. I hope the classes will help, because it seems like Alexis needs all the acting help she can get.

Slade takes Gretchen to a fancy hotel for a San Diego birthday getaway. Slade surprises her with a brand new Rolls Royce. I didn’t realize mediocre radio personalities made money like that. Even Gretchen is not sure about who bought the car. Was it Slade? Was it her? Was it God? Still not sure who bought the car, an elated Gretchen hops in and drives off with Slade to L.A.

We join Heather on the set of Hot in Cleveland and she gets excited to see all her friends show up to support her and watch from the audience. Because her favorite thing to do while filming is to look into the audience and see her “peeps,” she immediately notices that Gretchen and Slade are not in attendance.

All the ladies are impressed with Heather’s talent and ability to act and are impressed with how she could memorize all the lines. Gretchen and Slade make it just in time to see Heather in her final scene and even then didn’t seem interested in being there to support their friend.

At the after-show party, Gretchen tells everyone about her wonderful birthday weekend and Slade’s birthday present. The girls ask Gretchen if Slade really paid for her new car or if he used her money to buy it for her.

Embarrassed by Gretchen’s behavior that night, Tamra reconciles with Vicki and realizes the great friendship the two of them have together. Gretchen starts to become jealous and bitter when Tamra and Vicki make up and talk all night at the dinner party.

At the end of the dinner, Terry conducts a toast to Heather and her career success. “She inspires me and amazes me,” Terry states. Heather can start to see how much love and support Terry really does have for her.

Next week: Gretchen sees if she’s fertile. Vicki and Brooks talk. Lydia advises Alexis to apologize to Tamra and the group. Tamra has a heart-to-heart with her mom right before giving an emotional speech to a large group of people. 

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