'Real Housewives of Orange Country' recap, The 100th episode special

Happy Birthday: The Housewives turn 100!

Yes, the reality show based on the glorification of dramatic lavish lives of middle-aged rich women is celebrating its 100th episode. Since Season 1 premiered in 2006, I have watched and enjoyed every episode. Once a week I gather around my television to escape from reality and tune into the opulent lifestyles of these women to discover the latest plastic surgeries, juicy gossip, stressful fights and extravagant parties. I have grown a fascination with the Housewives of Orange County over the last several years of watching this phenomenon that has changed pop-culture history.

Vicki Gunvalson, the O.G. of the O.C. said, “… doing a reality show is having to deal with the devil.” The special 100th episode featured highlights from previous seasons with exclusive interviews from former and current cast members.

“It was really rich people with really blonde hair who seemingly didn’t want to let anyone in behind their gates, but would open their lives up to cameras. It’s an oxymoron that actually still fascinates me today,” said Andy Cohen, executive vice president of development and talent at Bravo. “A good ‘Real Housewife’ is pretty. She’s outspoken. She’s opinioned. She’s got strong feelings about the way she lives her life and about the way others should live their lives.”

The women offered their advice to any new housewives, talked about their fashion trends throughout the seasons, the pros and cons to the annual highly anticipated group vacations/trips and the infamous reunions. The women’s casting interviews were also shown as well as some real organic issues in the women’s lives including relationships with family and friends.

The special relived favorite past memories including the notorious '80s-themed party, the OC Angels brawl, Tamra throwing red wine at Jeana, Tamra and Vicki’s big fight over the evil eye and the dispute between Tamra and Alexis at the fitness center dinner party. Seems like Tamra is involved in all these fights … coincidence?

Favorite Housewife Memories Caught on Film:

Jeana: When she and Vicki were at the salon listening to the woman getting waxed

Tamra: Her engagement to Eddie

Vicki: When she ordered a limo to take her and her family to a cruise ship and they sent an old rundown family van

Lauri: Her wedding day

We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly, but through all the tears and the laughs, the "Real Housewives of Orange County" will likely continue to entertain us for years to come.

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